Adrain Peterson Released By Minnesota Vikings

Adrain Peterson Released By Minnesota Vikings

DATELINE: Feb. 28, 2017

The Minnesota Vikings have RELEASED RB Adrian Peterson

After 2,418 carries, 11,747 yards, 97 TD’s, 7 Pro Bowls, a Rookie of the Year Award (2007) and an NFL MVP award (2012) the Minnesota Vikings have decided to part ways with the player they drafted with the seventh pick of the 2007 NFL Draft, Adrian Lewis Peterson. This means that on the first day of the new league year, March 9, the 6′-1″, 220 lb. 31 year old running back will become an unrestricted free agent.There are always two sides in a break up and now both sides will go their separate ways heading into the 2017 season.

For the Vikings now is as good a time as any to make the decision to move on from their star running back. The 2017 Draft class is loaded with talented running backs and, even though they don’t own a first round pick, the Vikings should be able to find one who can carry the ball for them in 2017 and beyond. In mocks the Vikings would miss out on Fournette, Cook and McCaffrey but would have a shot at Alvin Kamara or Kareem Hunt when they pick at 46 or 47 (depending on a coin toss) in the second round. The story is the Vikings are committing to an offensive line overhaul in the 2017 draft and that makes a lot of sense for a team in the middle of a total offensive rebuild. If the Vikings are on the clock in the fourth and Jamaal Williams is still on the board he is going to be awful tempting, but with Jerick McKinnon on the roster already as a guy who can handle, at minimum, passing down and/or third down work the Vikings still don’t have to spend their third pick on a RB if they don’t want to. They can wait on a guy that could fit perfectly for them and he’s even from Oklahoma. Samaje Perine is a 5′-11″, 237 pound, 21 year old beast who can, at minimum, pound the ball on first, second, short yard and goal line situations as the perfect compliment to McKinnon. D’Onta Foreman, out of Texas, is a similar type back to Perine at 6′-1″ 249 himself, but he projects as a fourth round pick and if they decide to go RB in the fourth if Jammal Williams is there too then they have to draft him. Williams is a three down back that’s not going to need the help of a committee and is a better option, long term, than either Perine or Foreman. Another option is the controversial and ultra talented Joe Mixon. Mixon has the talent of a Leonard Fournette or Dalvin Cook but has the baggage of Ray Rice. The difference is that when Mixon committed his crime he was an 18 year old while Rice was a grown man. So Mixon might get a chance. For the Vikings the gamble makes sense because if things don’t work out they have McKinnon and Asiata for another year or it works out, Mixon has learned his lesson and he can keep his nose clean the Vikings may just find themselves the steal of the 2017 Draft. At the end of the day though, after the whole AP year suspension, I think the Vikings will stay away from Mixon and land either Williams or Perine in the 2017 Draft.

Nothing like seeing the ex who breaks up with you find love and happiness with a new running back first but AP is actually going to have the chance to start playing the field sooner than the Vikings (unless they replace him in free agency). Now that AP has All Day to decide on where he wants to play everyone who has a need at RB is salavating at the thought of adding the former MVP. We know the idea of the Cowboys has come up more than once in the last couple years, with the Vikings always standing in the way (who can blame them after Hershel Walker?), and now the Cowboys have Ezekiel Elliot and don’t need Peretson. Someone brought up the idea of Peterson still going to Dallas and backing up Elliot which is absolutely ridiculious, but then again Jerry Jones. If AP had 5 years left in him then a good fit would be Tampa Bay. Jameis Winston, Mike Evans and AP would be a force in the NFC South but there’s an opportunity to play in the NFC South with Andrew Luck. But I none of those options are the best fit for AP if he wants to win the Super Bowl. Every year Adrian gets to stand on the sidelines and watch Aaron Rodgers throw the ball. Every time I wonder if he’s thinking if they only had a legit RB… So I think AP needs to do a reverse Favre and go from Minnesota to Green Bay. If that’s the move you have arguably the best QB in the NFL and the best RB in the NFL on the same team. It might only be a two to three year window, but if it happens then you can go ahead and book a trip to Green Bay for the Lombardi.

Long story short:

Vikings to replace AP with either Jamaal Williams or Samaje Perine


Adrian Peterson to join Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay

You heard it here first.


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  • 2) DeShaun Watson – Clemson

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  • 3) DeShone Kizer – Notre Dame

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  • 4) Patrick Mahomes – Texas Tech

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  • 3) Evan Engram – Mississippi State

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  • 4) Bucky Hodges – Virginia Tech

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2017 NFL Rookie WR Rankings

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  • 1B) Corey Davis – Western Michigan

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  • 3) JuJu Smith-Schuster – USC

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  • 4) Zay Jones – Eastern Carolina

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  • 5) John Ross – Washington

HT: 5′-11″ WT: 190 AGE: 22 BDAY: 11/27/94

  • 6) Curtis Samuel – Ohio State

HT; 5’11” WT: 201 AGE: 20 BDAY: 8/11/96

  • 7) KD Cannon – Baylor

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  • 8) Cooper Kupp – Eastern Washington

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  • 9) Malachi Dupree – LSU

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  • 10) Isaiah Ford – Virginia Tech

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  • 11) Dede Westbrook – Oklahoma State

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  • 12) Carlos Henderson – Lousiana Tech

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  • 13) Chris Godwin – Penn State

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  • 14) Josh Malone – Tennessee

HT: 6′-3″ WT: 200 AGE: BDAY:

  • 15) Noah Brown – Ohio State

HT: 6′-2″ WT: 222 AGE” BDAY:

  • 16) Taywan Taylor – Western Kentucky

HT: 6′-1″ WT: 190 AGE: BDAY:

  • 17) Ryan Switzer – UNC

HT: 5′-10″ WT: 174 AGE: 22 BDAY: 11/14/94

  • 18) Damore’ea Stringfellow – Ole Miss

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  • 19) Josh Reynolds – Texas A&M

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2017 Rookie RB Rankings

  • 1) Leonard Fournette – LSU

HT: 6′-1″ WT: 230 AGE: 22 BDAY:

  • 2) Dalvin Cook – Florida State

HT: 6′-0″ WT: 203 AGE: 21 BDAY: 8/10/95

  • 3) Christian McCaffrey – Stanford

HT: 6′-0″ WT: 201 AGE: 20 BDAY: 6/7/96

  • 4) Kareem Hunt – Toledo

HT: 5′-10″ WT: 208 AGE: 21 BDAY: 8/6/95

  • 5) Samaje Perine – Oklahoma

HT: 5′-11″ WT: 237 AGE: 21 BDAY: 9/16/95

  • 6) Joe Mixon – Oklahoma

HT: 6′-1″ WT: 226 AGE: 20 BDAY: 7/24/96

  • 7) Alvin Kamara – Tennessee

HT: 5′-10″ WT: 215 AGE: 21 BDAY: 7/25/95

  • 8) Jamaal Williams – BYU

HT: 6′-0″ WT: 211 AGE: BDAY:

  • 9) D’Onta Foreman – Texas

HT: 6′-1″ WT: 249 AGE: 20 BDAY: 4/24/96

  • 10) Wayne Gallman – Clemson

HT: 6′-1″ WT: 205 AGE: 22 BDAY: 10/1/94

  • 11) Jeremy McNichols – Boise State

HT: 5′-9″ WT:212 AGE: 21 BDAY: 12/26/95

  • 12) James Conner – Pittsburgh

HT: 6′-2″ WT: 229 AGE: 21 BDAY: 5/5/95

  • 13) Elijah Hood – North Carolina

HT: 6′-0″ WT: 220 AGE: 21 BDAY:

  • 14) Elijah McGuire – Louisiana-Lafayette

HT: 5′-11″ WT: 185 AGE: 22 BDAY: 6/1/94

  • 15) Marlon Mack – South Florida

HT: 6′-0″ WT: 209 AGE: BDAY:

  • 16) Matt Dayes – North Carolina State

HT: 5′-9″ WT: 213 AGE: BDAY:

  • 17) Corey Clement – Wisconsin

HT: 5′-11″ WT: 209 AGE: 22 BDAY: 11/2/94

  • 18) Brian Hill – Wyoming

HT: 6′-1″ WT: 219 AGE: BDAY:

  • 19) Joe Williams – Utah

HT: 5′-11″ WT: 205 AGE: BDAY: will continuously update the running back rankings throughout the NFL combine, NFL Draft and up until the start of the 2017 regular season.

Leonard Fournette: 2017 Rookie Draft 1.01

Leonard Fournette has been touted as the highest rated prospect at running back since Adrian Peterson, yet many dynasty mocks have him at 1.02 behind Dalvin Cook. Fournettes doubters point to a 2016 season slowed by an ankle injury along with a lack of receptions out of the backfield as the key separating factors in the Cook/Fournette 1.01 debate. Cook is something special, there is no doubt about that. But the choice for 1.01 is Leonard Fournette.

Let’s start with injury concerns. True, Fournette was slowed down by an ankle injury for most of the 2016 season; but he did play. It didn’t keep him off the field. Fact, Leonard Fournette lost the Heisman to Dalvin Cook; but he was still nominated for it. Just because he wasn’t as good as or better than his 2014 self and there’s an easy injury excuse to attach to it all of a sudden people want to go with the new guy. They say that the most important ability in the NFL is availability. Fournette has proven to maintain his availability through injury, Cook has not. Also, Fournette has a 6’1/230 frame that is going to be able to withstand more hits and punishment than Cooks 6’0″/203 frame, not to mention all but guarantee that Fournette won’t be taken out on the goal line. I question how many goal line carries Cook will see if a coordinator wants to protect his most valuable playmaker in favor of a bigger back. The bigger frame should also make Fournette more consistent for longer than Cook. While Cook may see good production for 9 years until he hits 30, I expect Fournette to be productive until 32 or 33 giving him a 10-11 year window.

Now if the extra goal line carries and the 1-2 year longer window isn’t enough to sway even the PPR guys into Fournettes corner because of the lack of receiving then this should. Fournette can actually catch the ball. Because Fournette is good in pass protection the LSU offense was allowed to be designed around him staying in as an extra blocker buying his QB more time to look downfield instead of being used as a checkdown option. Fournette showed he can catch the football and I can see him with 35-40 receptions a year in the right offense. Still, Cook should see 60-65 receptions. So 30 more points on receptions a year for Cook in PPR, which is about 2.5 points a game. I’m still going with the guy with the bigger frame, who is going to get more goal line carries and have a longer window of production.

There are going to be years that Dalvin Cook scores more fantasy points than Leonard Fournette. But there will be years that Fournette finishes above Cook as well. And I believe that Fournette will have more RB1 seasons in his career than Cook will. I think he is just far too consistent and talented to not be the 1.01 in 2017. I really don’t think it is even that much of a debate. The debate will really come when we see where he lands in the 2017 NFL Draft and then we can argue as to if he or Ezekiel Elliot will be the top RB in dynasty in 2018, 19, 20 and beyond.

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